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Atomic Annie

Created by Michael K. Anderson

Webseries and Short Story Anthology

“ATOMIC ANNIE” is a retro-futuristic, sci-fi/action webseries and fiction anthology inspired by the movie serials and pulp fiction of the mid-twentieth century.  “Atomic” Annie Rogers is a science heroine – part Emma Peel, part Buckaroo Banzai – who fights diabolical masterminds and mad scientists from her New York City headquarters.  Witty and charming, she is also a crack shot, noted inventor and an expert in hand-to-hand combat, always ready with a droll bon mot in between clobbering the bad guys.

ATOMIC ANNIE is a four-part webseries starring Cici James as Atomic Annie and written and directed by Michael K. Anderson.  It will be produced by Leopard Suit Productions with the kind assistance of Bill Hopkins and Singularity & Co., and it will also be accompanied by a companion collection of short stories edited by acclaimed author Keith R.A. DeCandido.


It's the Wonder Show! Yay!

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The Wonder Show
Created and performed by Jim Tudor, Michael K. Anderson & John Gross

Podcast and webseries

For over 15 years, Jim, Mike and John have performed The Wonder Show, a  surreal mix of music, pop culture and improv comedy.  It tells the ongoing story of Jim the Radio Guy, Mike the Radio Guru and John the Radio Gross, three Midwestern radio deejays from the small town of St. Joseph, Missouri, and the hilarious epic misadventures that they get into as they attempt to put on their radio program.  Imagine A Prairie Home Companion crossed with Wallace & Gromit with a dash of Marvel's The Avengers as our intrepid deejays must regularly contend with evil scientists, has-been celebrities, killer snowmen, Supreme Court justices, monsters, transforming robots and much more!

The Wonder Show was originally broadcast on the college radio station of WEBU 660AM in 1996.  Following its success on college radio, it moved up the dial, first to the FM station WFUN 95.5FM and finally to a weekly podcast available for download from iTunes, where its highest-rated show, the "Fourth Season Finale" from mid-2012, has been downloaded over 11,000 times.  In addition to the podcast, Jim, Mike and John have filmed a "Wonder Show" webseries which is in post-production and is set to air in late 2013.

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